Do I have to be vegan to participate? 

Not at all! We are a vegan event but there will be a variety of exhibitors. No one needs to personally subscribe to a vegan lifestyle or have such a message to attend. We just ask that anything you sell or hand out is in alignment with our message and that it is vegan. See our page with guidelines for exhibitors. We are also eager to help out and you can ask us any questions about this.

What are the directions for setup?

Exhibitors can start setting up 4 hours prior to the event time, that is, starting at 7 am. Based on the time the need to set up their table(s), they will receive instructions from Notre Dame's Event Specialist with the best time to set up.

There is a load-in entry at door one of Corbett Family Hall (click here for a map of the building). The event team will direct exhibitors to this area. There is also a service elevator that goes directly to the ballroom.

Exhibitors are encouraged to bring their own flatbed carts because there is a very limited number of carts on location.

After delivery vendors and exhibitors must not remain parked on the concrete pad outside of the facility. They can park in the stadium lot or the Joyce Center lot. Click here for a map of Notre Dame.

At 4:00 PM vendors and exhibitors should start taking down their exhibits.

Does VegFest provide linens?

All exhibitors must bring their own table cloth(s).

Can food vendors cook at their table?

Food vendors are allowed to use Sterno type cooktops.