Exhibitor Guidelines

These guidelines serve as Michiana VegFest's agreement with exhibitors.

Michiana VegFest Vegan Event Policy

Michiana VegFest is a vegan event. “Vegan” means free from animal ingredients and exploitation. All food products sold or offered must be 100% plant-based and therefore cannot contain the flesh of animals, including that of poultry and fish, nor their body parts and/or secretions such as eggs, dairy, honey or gelatin.

Non-food items, such as clothing and beauty products, cannot have been tested on animals and must not contain animal derivatives such as leather, fur, wool, silk, lanolin, gelatin, beeswax, etc.

Books, literature and product displays must not promote animal-derived foods, products or services, including the use of animals for entertainment such as in circuses, rodeos and zoos.

Michiana VegFest reserves the right to exclude any items it deems to be out of touch with its vegan policy. Anyone displaying items determined as such will be asked by a staff member to remove those items.

Hours of Operation, Set up and Take down + Driving Directions

Exhibit tables must be staffed and open for the entire VegFest event, from 11 am to 4 pm

Exhibitors are responsible for setting up and taking down their exhibits.

Exhibitors can start setting up at 7 am, 4 hours before the beginning of the event--they will receive instructions for set up based on the time they need.

To reach Corbett Hall, drive on East Angela Blvd, turn North on Leahy Dr, turn left on Moose Krause Circle and proceed to the football stadium. Corbett Hall is on the right of the stadium, facing North (click here for driving directions to the stadium).

Exhibitors can pull up on the concrete pad to unload at door 1 of Corbett Hall (click here for a map of the building).  There is a service elevator that goes directly to the Downes ballroom.

Exhibitors are encouraged to bring their own flatbed carts because there is a limited number of carts on location.

After unloading, exhibitors must not remain parked on the concrete pad outside of the facility. They can park in the stadium lot or the Joyce Center lot (B and C lots), which are open and free on Sunday (click here for a map of Notre Dame).

At 4 pm exhibitors should start taking down their exhibits. By 6 pm, all materials should be removed from the venue.

Application for Temporary Food Permit

All food vendors must submit an application for a temporary food permit to St. Joseph County Health Services at least 7 days before VegFest. 

Click here to access the Application for a Temporary Food Permit

Temporary Food Vendor Guidelines

St. Joseph County Health Services provide Temporary Food Establishment Guidelines to ensure that vendors have all of the necessary equipment and supplies in order to properly operate at VegFest.

Food vendors who participate in a temporary event receive inspections during the event. Food vendors are required "to be at their location until the Health Department has conducted an inspection."

According to the St. Joseph County Health Services, "an establishment serving potentially hazardous food must have a certified food handler. Certain pre-packaged/low risk foods may be exempt." Click here for the certification rule.

Please note the importance of providing hand washing facilities for the public. The kitchen areas in the Downes Ballroom have hand washing stations and sinks for dishes. However, according to the Saint Joseph Health Services guidelines, each food vendor is expected to have handwashing capability at their own table, with an urn (flip top), a bucket and soap/paper towels.

Food vendors are welcome to call the Health Services to talk with them directly about specific requirements: (574) 235-9721.

Click here to access the Temporary Food Establishment Guidelines

Food Samples and Sales

Food vendors should bring food ready to serve. But if they wish to cook food at the event, they are allowed to use a Sterno type stove.

We encourage exhibitors to offer free vegan product samples in addition to foods for sale.

Food vendors should read the Saint Joseph County Guidelines. "Foods being offered for sale or for free shall be prepared on site or in a permitted establishment and transported in food storage containers."

Note that the Downes Ballroom has warming kitchens with coolers.

All exhibitors offering food samples or selling food products must list the complete ingredients of these items and any allergens present.

All utensils, plates and other containers for food and samples should be recyclable. Our goal is zero waste.


Exhibitors assume the full duty of securing their property at all times. While VegFest volunteers will provide limited security of the area, they will not be assigned to the care of individual tables. By agreeing to become an exhibitor at Michiana VegFest, each exhibitor also agrees to take sole responsibility of their property, acknowledging that Michiana VegFest will not be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged property.

Photo Release

All exhibitors grant permission to use photographs and video taken of their staff, volunteers and displays during the event.

Michiana VegFest Code of Conduct

Michiana VegFest is committed to providing a safe and welcoming experience for all participants—attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, speakers, and volunteers—regardless of race, color, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnic origin, religious or non-religious beliefs, disability, physical appearance, or dietary practice. This code of conduct applies both to the event and to activities relating to the event, such as co-organizer and volunteer meetings, exhibitor interactions, and promotional gatherings.

We expect all participants to treat each other with respect. We will not tolerate any form of harassment, such as humiliating comments, ostentatious display of sexual images, intimidation, stalking, harassing photography or recording, disruption of talks or other events, unwelcome attention, and inappropriate physical contact.

Participants asked to stop any harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately. In the presence of harassment, the event organizers may take any action they deem appropriate, including expulsion from the event. Anyone being harassed, noticing that someone else is being harassed, or having any other concerns, should contact event staff immediately.

Other Information

All exhibitors must bring their own table cloth(s).

All exhibitors must clearly identify their exhibit with signs and/or banners.

Vendors who have requested an outlet next to their table(s) should bring an extension cord in case of need.

Non-profit exhibitors are welcome to request donations. All exhibitors are welcome to sell products and request contact information from attendees.

Food vendors are allowed to use Sterno type cooktops.